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It's ba-aack! Announcing the 2006 BAAS X-Mas Holiday Party!

originally posted by: Rob Miles
Date: Sun Dec 10, 2006 7:54 pm ((PST))

BAAS Xmas Party in Milpitas, CA

When: Saturday Dec 16th
Where: 1856 Crater Lake Ave Milpitas 95035
Time: 1pm - 10pm

After a two year absence, the BAAS Xmas Party is back and in a new

Hi everyone,

It's my great pleasure to announce that, after a three year hiatus,
the Bay Area Animation Society Christmas Holiday Party will be taking
place on Saturday, December 16th, 2007 in an all-new location! We do
apologize for the lateness in this announcement but due to logistical
concerns the party's location had to be moved at the last moment. We
have managed to hold this event without fail for over ten years
through rain and yes, blackouts ;) However, over the last few years,
the party has been postponed due to a plethora of medical issues.

For the first time in a very long time, our party will not be held at
Mrs. Brown's home but rather at the home of BAAS staff member Nessie
Rilviera and his stalwart, ultra cool roommate, Al Flores (known to
many of you as DJ Socket). Due to the timely intervention of those
two BAAS members along with Mr. Mike Siu, another long-time BAAS
staffer, we were able to pull the event together in a timely enough
fashion to present to one and all.

Without going into too much detail, many of usual suspects will be on-
site and we urge everyone to stop by and say hello! This year, we
will not be holding a food-drive / raffle event but rather just a
small fund-raising raffle instead. As always, we plan to have a lot
of food and the menu for this year includes (but is not restricted

Herb Butter Turkey
Tracy's Rice Dressing (as promised by Tracy)
Collard Greens
Broccolli Slaw
Chocolate Triffle
Sweet Potato Casserole
Mac 'n Cheese (as promised by Mrs. Brown)

We ask that all of you planning to attend please bring either soft
drinks, snacks, or a dessert to share and, as always, if you have
questions or concerns about the event, feel free to call Tracy (408-
250-3024) or Rob (510-860-5607 - evenings only).

See you there!


P.S. Please pass this email on to anyone who was planning to attend
and may not be on the mailist.

Directions from the East Bay and San Francisco:

1. Take 880 South to Calaveras 237 East.
2. Be sure to take the second exit going towards the hills on your
LEFT, NOT Macarthy Ranch (on your RIGHT).
3. Drive up Calaveras Blvd. to Temple and make a RIGHT onto Temple.
4. Follow Temple to Yosemite and make a LEFT.
5. Make a Right onto Sequoia.
6. Stay on Sequoia for a couple of blocks until you reach Crater Lake
Ave. Make a LEFT onto Crater Lake Ave.

If you are coming from San Francisco, it is advised that you take 101
south to Hwy 92 and cross the San Mateo Bridge. From there, take Hwy
880 south towards San Jose and follow the instructions above.

Please also be advised that Yahoo! and Google Maps
gives "interesting" directions on how to get there.
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