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Is there some unspoken rule everyone must turn sideways?

10:33 PM 5/27/07 · Earlier today AnnieAnna picked me up to goto Fanime 2007; our first time at this particular convention. Both of us usually goto BayCon but I wasn't this year for mixed reasons and she was going to both...just the one day to check out Fanime. I was going with her as an escort as KevinniveK asked me to accompany her. Not sure that was necessary but I was excited at the prospect.

Been a long time going to BayCon but the last few years Fanime has been coming up a lot from folks saying it was more fun and a whole bunch of other things, yet coming back to BayCon for the parties in the evening. Kinda wished we'd had time to check out the evening events at Fanime but AnnieAnna got bored with it fairly fast, though the glomps really kept her wanting to stay longer than her interest in the event, and wanted to go home to collapse.

I'm hoping to go again someday...though not necessarily next year. Maybe swing by for a day but I'm not quite up to switching conventions for Memorial Day Weekend as yet. Think the only way to really give Fanime a chance is to attend the whole thing and I just don't have the time currently.

Took a bunch of pics, less than 100 but more than 50. The following is most of them...

...for some odd reason a lot of people seem to pose sideways almost by instinct.

Actually kinda regret not having my camera out when I first got there because there were some amazing costumes outside that I didn't later see inside. Guess it was the buzz from being at a new event but I didn't think to take it out until 20 minutes after I was registered and wandering around with AnnieAnna.

This was my first problem with a sideways pose. Later found she did the exact same pose for everyone.

The grin actually grabbed me here and the costuming was nice but I didn't actually notice the panda until I was previewing images later.

Came across her again in the same pose but someone thought to ask for a full on shot and I snapped this without re·positioning myself.

Actually asked this guy to switch sides, as he was facing me with his left shoulder first but I really wanted to get his sign.

Just before she posed she had a beautiful smile.

Center guy was going around with a sign on him that asked people to give their opinions on if he was gay, bi, straight, too tall, and a couple other things. I passed on the survey.

You rarely see someone with a sword taller than they are.

Another sideways guy but the gun kinda made it okay.

I have no idea what he was supposed to be but I loved the look.

Had a full on shot but she got distracted by something and shifted; the irony!

One of the problems with MySpace is that some of us, like me, tend to friend people off their friends' friends list without knowing who they are. I'm pretty sure I know this person, some random message about going to Disneyland, but her name escapes me. Figured just taking the shot and linking to ask her later was the simplest way to go.

Didn't know at the time that this was AnnieAnna's little sister's friend and that we'd be giving him a ride home later. I've just always liked Cloud, even though I've never played Final Fantasy and am not even sure how I knew who the character was to begin with. Guy turned (of course) sideways; bastard...

...but I got him better soon after! Yeah, I know he's still sideways.

No idea who he's supposed to be. Mainly took the shot for the sword. Turns out the scar on his belly wasn't part of the costuming.

Only played Guilty Gear a few times...and I've got a mood theme of the characters on another comm of mine. Had to get this pic, there's 2 others not included here, and another one later on.

This is Hip·Hop Anime WarriorRyogaVee, who I kinda know from other places here and there. Was kinda surprised to see him...but not the outfit. He seem to dress like this no matter where he is.

This would be the "later on" I mentioned a few pics back.

Oooh, baby!

Friend of a friend of a friend; didn't catch her name. Didn't turn sideways but she did block off a fair amount of herself. Pity, she's got a very pretty nose.

Not sure if there's an actual character in mind here or if this was just a very piratey weekend.

Usually I prefer taking non·posed pics but I'd been asking as I was new to this convention. Frustrated by all the sideways nonsense I just randomly turned and focused and shot on these two. Last minute he saw me and she turned so not only is one of them sideways but I accidentally missed their ears. I've seen these two at other conventions so I've got better shots of them both.

If you regularly goto Fanime you know it's very hug friendly, most everyone has some variation of a sign that says "hug me" or "glomp me"; ran into 3 "sex me" types too. I'm not sure if she was supposed to be someone specific but the sign was definitely unique. She hardly moved and just quirked her head at odd angles at people. Not sure how to approach her, saw someone hug her but she barely reacted, I leaned over and patted her on the head and told her I loved her. 2 hours later I took this shot.

Seeing a pattern here?

There were a lot of people there I wasn't sure were in a specific costume but they still had great outfits. This is one of this just a good outfit or is she being someone?

This is Travis. So far as I know he was just dressed nice because he was. This picture is here only because he asked if I was going to post it online somewhere and I included it so he could download it later. I removed the other personal shots I took.

They looked great but were a level down. I flagged them down just before I took the shot and they slowed down a bit, giggling after the flash and proceeded on underneath me. Sadly my camera's old and I default all images to 640x480; damn digitization.

Actually asked to take the picture of the guy in the shot before this but they both heard me and stopped. Seeing as she stopped too I took this shot as she was pretty much posed by the time she realized I'd actually stopped him and not her.

Passed this one several dozen times, over the 4½ hours I was there, before asking. She was very involved in something or other the other times and I prefer not to interrupt if I can help it.

Is that a hand in her palm?

Not sure what they were but they're definitely adorable.

Asked for a pose and this is what I got. On a funny note, the drink wasn't a pose; just that thirsty and hadn't realized I took the picture thinking this was the intended pose.

Angle wasn't what I wanted and he wasn't posing for me. He just seemed unable to take a picture of someone else without striking a dramatic pose. Maybe it just seemed that way due to the outfit.
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