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little smidge from my one time at Fanime

10:04 PM 8/7/07 · I've only been to Fanime once, I hope to go again someday for more than just a single day, and I was blown away on a lot of stuff. My only complain would be limited to the limitations; I'm used to a multiple genre type event and even though this had a lot of was all focused around anime.

I love anime, don't get me wrong, but too much of any good thing can get to be a bit much...

...with the possible exceptions of sex or chocolate.

The Dealer's Room was unbelievable; biggest one I've ever seen. You could fit most of the other conventions I've been to inside that one room. Hell, you could probably fit a stadium sized football field in there with room to spare!

While I was wandering through there I kept coming back to the t·shirt and bumper sticker displays. There were a lot of good ones but these are the ones that stuck with me:
  • Curiosity killed the cat but for awhile there I was a suspect.

  • My giant robot steps on your honor student.

  • Best glomps in the world.

  • Hug me...I kicked Sora's butt!

Don't have a car anymore but I could definitely go for these as t·shirts!
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